Large caliber high pressure ball valve

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广西快乐双彩今天开奖结果 Product description of Q947F forged steel ball valve

Forged steel ball valves are usually made of carbon steel, alloy structural steel, martensitic stainless steel and heat-resistant steel. According to the chemical composition of steel, different annealing and normalizing methods can be adopted for different purposes.

Structural characteristics of forging steel ball valve body

The forged steel ball valve body adopts the side-mounted valve body structure, and the valve cavity is composed of the main valve body, the left valve body and the auxiliary valve. The structure of the left valve and the auxiliary valve body is relatively simple, and the structure of the main valve body is rather complicated.

Technical requirements for forging steel ball valve body

The main valve body of the forged steel ball valve has a high precision inlaid seat hole in the main valve body. One end is the end flange connected with the pipeline, the other is the side flange connected with the left valve body. There is a gasket mounting hole on the side flange surface. There is a thrust gasket mounting hole, a support hole of the valve stem and a packing box on the side flange.

The accuracy of seat hole, stem support hole and packing box hole in main valve body cavity is generally Ra1.6um. The surface roughness of gasket mounting hole on side flange surface is generally Ra6.3um, and other machined surface roughness is Ra12.5um.

Blank structure features of forged steel ball valve cover forging parts

The lower end of the flange of the lower end of the forged steel ball valve cover is connected with the valve body with a 9-grade precision bump (bump) and a sealing welding lip structure of the valve body. The upper end of the valve cover is connected with the flange of the bracket and the packing plate. The upper end of the valve cover is provided with packing box holes, the packing box holes are provided with 11-stage precision holes, the packing box holes and the convex check holes on the lower end face have coaxiality requirements, and the lower end of the inner hole is the upper sealing part connected with the valve stem. There are multiple bolt holes on the lower and lower flanges. The center outer circle is the radiator structure, and the inner and outer surfaces of the whole valve cover parts need to be machined. The surface roughness is one of the important factors in machining.

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